Professional Malpractice Litigation

Professional Malpractice Litigation

Our Professional Malpractice Team represents many types of clients to assertively defend themselves against claims of malpractice.

As a professional you pride yourself on adhering to the rules of conduct governing your industry. However, at times, even the most diligent professional can find himself or herself in the tenuous position of having to respond to a claim of malpractice. We believe it is critical to be thorough and proactive in responding to such claims.  Our Professional Malpractice Team represents therapists, architects, engineers, attorneys, accountants, investment professionals, real estate professionals and many others to assertively defend against claims of malpractice.  

We understand how much you have invested in your professional career and know what is at stake should your licensing be threatened.  We zealously advocate for you under every possible scenario to settle or dismiss claims of malpractice.

Our team will represent you before state regulatory agencies and licensing boards to ensure you are heard with professionalism and candor. We are all about protecting your interests to ensure you can continue practicing in the profession you have dedicated years of your life to.

Team Credentials

Our attorneys actively engage in the organizations supporting our area of focus representing professionals including:

  • Lecturer, Liability for Misconduct by Clergy and Therapists, Twin Cities Claims Association
  • Lecturer, Course for Licensing Minnesota Real Estate Agents
  • Member, Professional Liability Defense Federation
  • Member, American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys

Professional Malpractice Litigation Team:

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