Our Firm

Core Values

Founded in 1986, our firm has experienced significant growth over the years, as our clients have come to appreciate what we can do for them. We realize if we provide high-value services at a reasonable cost, our clients will continue to view us the best choice to meet their legal needs.


We strive to provide quality legal services with the highest standards of professionalism. We employ consistent processes and systems to enhance the value and quality of work our clients have come to expect from us. We demand the best from our lawyers – and know our clients expect nothing less from us.


One hallmark of our firm is their collective experience. Many McCollum Crowley attorneys have been in practice for more than 20 years. Through mentoring and supervision, our senior attorneys share the benefit of their rich and diverse experience with other attorneys and staff. We’ve learned many lessons over the years – and endeavor to leverage that experience to benefit our clients.

Client Focus

Clients always come first at McCollum Crowley. We treat clients with respect and courtesy and respond to their questions and needs in a timely fashion. Smooth and accurate communication between our attorneys and their clients is another important hallmark of our firm. Open communication encourages shared strategic decision making, promotes individual attorney accountability, and affords clients a pivotal role in the handling of their case. This client focus not only fosters zealous representation but also facilitates prompt reporting and adherence to our client’s litigation plans and billing requirements.

Cost Conscious

We strive to deliver quality services at a reasonable cost. We are constantly seeking processes that allow us to more efficiently deliver services and to leverage our internal and external resources. We delegate work to the most appropriate level professional in our firm, to ensure the work is completed by best person – attorney or staff – for the job.


We are recognized as a stable force in the legal industry. Many of our lawyers have been with us for over a decade. We offer a continuity of service that gives our clients peace of mind, knowing our firm is here to stay.

Track Record

Our results speak for themselves. The firm’s dedication to achieving positive results has allowed us to share considerable success with our clients. Whether in the form of litigation results, settlement achievements, or facilitation of client business objectives, we are proud of our track record.

What makes us different?

We know we will succeed in the long run only if we continue providing exceptional service, consistent quality, and positive results. Over the years, McCollum Crowley is proud to have earned a reputation for delivering:

Quality Services

Through the collective experience and wisdom of our attorneys, and the use of winning methods.

Consistent Service

Striving for predictability of results, so our clients can manage their legal risks.


Your case is our priority. When you call or email us, we respond promptly to your questions.

Cost-effective Solutions

Our years of experience have rendered best practices to help our clients manage and minimize their legal expenses.

Strategic Savvy

We look at your case or matter with the end in mind by focusing on the big picture, accumulating knowledge, and recommending practical solutions.


Our actions on your behalf are implemented under the highest ethical standards.

Super Lawyers Preeminent CLM DRI Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association